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COUNT (University of Arizona Press, August 2021) is "a book-length poem that reckons with the heartbreaking reality of climate change. Forty-three sections of myth-gathering, flora and fauna, accounts of climate devastation, personal narratives, witnessing, references to works of eco-art, and evocations of children unfold over the course of the book, creating a deeply nuanced image of the current climate crisis. Filled with a sense of grief and sorrow for the current state of the planet, Count also offers a glimmering hope that future generations will restore our damaged environment."


Read more about Count here. Interview, "Five Questions with Poet Valerie Martinez" here.


"A HUNDRED LITTLE MOUTHS” a poetry/prose chapbook commissioned by visual and performance artist Susan Silton for the Crowing Hens Whistling Project. Premiere: SITE Santa Fe, November 7, 2015.

AND THEY CALLED IT HORIZON. Sunstone Press, December 2010. Poems written during Valerie's tenure as City of Santa Fe Poet Laureate, 2008-2010.

EACH AND HER, a book-length poem. Winner of the 2011 Arizona Book Award for Poetry and Honorable Mention in the 2011 International Latino Book Awards. Nominated for the PEN Open Book Award, William Carlos William Award, Ron Ridenhour Book Prize, Pulitzer Prize, National Book Critics Circle Award and the National Book Award, University of Arizona Press, September 2010.

ABSENCE, LUMINESCENT (second edition). Four Way Books, August 2010.

THIS IS HOW IT BEGAN (long poem). Special, hand-press edition, Palace Press, March 2010.

A FLOCK OF SCARLET DOVES: Translations of Uruguay’s Delmira Agustini (translations from the Spanish). Sutton Hoo Press 2005.

WORLD TO WORLD. University of Arizona Press, 2004.

ABSENCE, LUMINESCENT (first edition). Winner of the Levis Poetry Prize (Jean Valentine, Judge) and a Greenwall Fund Grant from the Academy of American Poets. Four Way Books, 1999.

For a complete list of Valerie's publications, see her C.V.

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