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Valerie's ekphrastic poem, "Granite Weaving" (based on Jesus Moroles's granite sculpture by the same name), appears in the new How to Read (and Write About) Poetry by Susan Holbrook (Broadview Press 2022, second edition, page 44).  The poem original appeared in Poetry magazine, March 2016.

Watch a reading from Count, Valerie's new book, and conversation with Rigoberto Gonzalez, Puerto del Sol Series editor at the University of Arizona Press.

Watch a recent reading by Valerie and her fellow Santa Fe Poets Laureate for WORDS on the Edge, a collection of twenty-six poems and lyrical texts which address themes of nature and its irresponsible destruction.

Watch a video (July 2022) featuring Valerie reading an excerpt from Count as part of the "Poets in the Libraries" series curated by Mary Oishi, Albuquerque's 5th Poet Laureate, The video also features the East Mountains Public Library and fellow poets, Philip Hughes Luing, Sara Daniele Rivera, Patty Stevens, and Joana "Jube Ometse" Clayton.